Vitamin A – the Miracle Vitamin for your face

Vitamin A – or Retinol – has value for skin on several fronts.

  • It is a cell-communicating ingredient.  It actually tells the skin to behave in a young and healthy way.
  • Retinol helps the skin produce healthier cells or collagen.
  • It is a powerful antioxidant – it neutralizes free radicals, calming the skin and decreasing stress factors.
  • Its exfoliation properties get rid of dead skin cells and allows new ones to grow.
  • Regular use can help restructure skin.
  • It is effective in treating acne as well as wrinkles.

I have been using Credentials Vitamin A serum every night for almost a year.  I can see a difference in fine lines and dark spots.

Ask me about it.  $32 of miracle stuff.

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