I had my eyebrows tattooed!

So….I got my eyebrows tattooed. Ouch, you say. Yeah, a bit. Not nearly as much I as thought it might. I’ve had a couple of other “real” tattoos so really no more than they hurt. More of a “sting”. Is the little bit of pain worth it? Yeah. Especially if you have scant, balding little eyebrows like I had. Really, my eyebrows have never been bold and thick like I covet on other women (and believe me, I check out everyone’s eyebrows). But, bald patches and non-existent “tails” are not attractive. Could I have continued to fill in with either powder or pencil? Sure. But, there was never any consistency, it would wear off during the day and I just was never happy with it. Price $125 + tip.
I was referred to Jan at Skin Illustrations – http://www.skinillustrations.net . Jan is about my age, owns the business along with her husband, has been doing permanent makeup for 12 years (that’s all she does re tattooing) and so is very invested in how it goes. We met for a consultation a week prior to the deed, talked about shape, color and vision. I looked at her album of before and afters and was gratified to see I knew 3 or 4 of her clients and would not have guessed they had their eyebrows done. The actual appointment to tattoo took about 1.5 hours. She is that thorough. And, I’ll probably go back in 30 days for a touch up. After living with them for just a couple of days, I already know I want a change here and there.
How do they look? Okay, the first day they looked a little Groucho Marxy to me and I was a little anxious. But, the next day when I put on full makeup, they looked fabulous. So far no one has said anything or stared weirdly at my brows like some men stare at breasts (although I imagine now those of you who read this might).
My friend who got her brows done a few weeks ago said she was going to look fabulous every day when she goes to the nursing home. I hope we won’t look like Betty Davis or that they don’t turn purple when I’m 90, like my niece said they might. But, either way, we’ll be very colorful in the nursing home and that’s a good goal to have. Plus, if I make it to 90, who cares what my brows look like! Maybe I’ll just go back in for a touch up.

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