More of a Rant than a Post, really….

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies.  Are you still wearing eye liner under your eyes?  Are you over 40?  Well, stop.  Most of you, just stop.

Ok, I’m really talking about liquid eyeliner.  The kind you draw on with a brush and it drys and cakes up and by the middle of the afternoon it’s mostly worn off.  You know who you are.

By the time we have a couple of “lines” around our eyes we have to change up the makeup game.  Soften the look.  Open the eye.

Yes, I wear color under my lower lash – the outer half – not all the way into the corner.  And, I use eye shadow or a soft pencil (or eye gel for a bit more drama) and never, never black – gray or brown or even navy blue.

And, I wear line my upper lid.  Again, just the outer third – not even half – and not all the way into the corner.  Lining the upper lid completely will tend to close off your lid.  Especially if you have a more hooded eyelid.  And, again, no black – gray, brown or maybe a dark mauve or navy blue.

You can have fun with color – Lord knows I do – but be a bit more soft with the look.

There.  I hope I haven’t offended too many of you.  Just my little make up rant.  Need help?  Come on in and we’ll experiment.